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    VET in School- Human Services Pathways

    These resources will assist students, parents, schools, employers and training providers to understand the VET in School pathways leading to further education and careers in community services and health sectors and help select appropriate HSC options.

    Guest access
  • This free professional development program has been created for use by aged care community work services. iNotice will assist to heighten awareness of a variety of signs and symptoms that may be linked to a person’s medication management. It will support existing aged care community workers to work effectively with a heightened awareness of safe medication management within their current scope of practice. It also provides their coordinators with additional knowledge and skills for information sharing with all of the client’s care team (eg nurses, GPs, pharmacists).

    Guest access

  • Pair your skills

    All in a Day's Work

    . . . . . pair your child care work skills with a qualification

    All in a Day's Work is a set of resources that will assist ECEC educators to gain the qualifications they need to work in early childhood children's services.

    Self enrolmentGuest access
  • Red Door

    This short course is for those who need to develop or review policy.  It will provide learning to develop the necessary skills to research and consult policy needs, draft policy content, test the draft policy, implement policy and review policy for quality assurance.

    Self enrolmentGuest access
  • Workplace Building Blocks - Practise Your Skills!

    Core Skills in Aged Care

    The workplace building blocks - aged care program gives you a chance to learn and practice your skills in the language, literacy and numeracy skills that you use everyday in your work in an Aged Care service!

    Self enrolmentGuest access
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    Oral Health in Aged Care

    By completing this learning aged care workers will:
    • gain the necessary knowledge and skills to assist aged care residents with oral health care and promote oral health education.
    • be able to support dentists and dental hygienists who provide services in aged residential facilities.
    Self enrolment